Government to take legal actions against UAE

Government to take legal actions against UAE

Alsahwa Net- The government of Yemen said on Sunday that it will take all legal actions against the United Arab Emirates (UAE) bombing of its forces.

This was pronounced by Yemen’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Mohammed Al-Hadrami during his meeting with the Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Margot Wallstrom.

Al-Hadrami reviewed with Margot Yemen’s developments including the ongoing UAE-supported separation rebellion in south Yemen and the Emirati airstrikes against Yemen’s armed forces.

He also discussed ongoing abuses carried out by the Emirati-supported STC militants in Abyan and Aden including murder of wounded soldiers in clinics and raids against houses of pro-government citizens.

He affirmed that the government is determined to continue cooperation with the international community at combating all forms of terrorism.

He noted that the government rejects continuation or financing of any illegal military forces that operate outside the state’s control.

Wallstorm’s meeting with Al-Hadrami is one of several meetings that she will have with various local and regional parties to mobilize support for peace agreement in Yemen between the Iran-backed Houthis and the government.

The government and the Houthi rebels signed last December in Sweden a peace agreement to cease fighting in Hodeida.


Al-Hadrami affirmed that implementation of the Sweden agreement on Hodeida is a key step before moving to any new future talks.

For her part, Wallstorm affirmed her country’s support for the legitimate government of Yemen and that her country will continue providing support to mitigate the humanitarian crisis.

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