Russia: Yemen’s split benefits only terror groups

Russia: Yemen’s split benefits only terror groups

Alsahwa Net- A Russian foreign official said on Friday that attempts to split Yemen benefit only the terror groups.

This statement came on the background of Emirati warplane-bombing against the government troops who were on a mission to end an armed rebellion by Emirati-supported separatists. 

The Russian official voiced his country’s concern over Emirati airstrikes against Yemen government forces and called for dialogue to end the strife.

“Those developments cause our serious concern,” the Moscow-based RT Arabic Satellite television quoted Alexei Zaytsev, deputy press officer of Russia’s Foreign Ministry.

It said that the Russian official called on all parties for self-restraint to minimize tension and reduce casualty and infrastructure damage.

The government of Yemen said that the Emirati bombing on its forces positions in Aden and Abyan last Thursday killed and injured 300 people including troops and civilians.

"The escalation of armed confrontation in south Yemen and its development to a new dangerous phase will have negative consequences not only for that country but for regional security in general,” said Zaytsev.

The official added that Russia supports a political solution to end the military conflict in Yemen through inclusive political process that should be facilitated by the United Nations.

He concluded that Yemen’s split benefits only terror groups.

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