Southern leaders call rebels to join political process

Southern leaders call rebels to join political process

Alsahwa Net- The Southern National Alliance (SNA), a pro-unity southern entity called on Thursday leaders of the separation rebels to renounce violence and join a peaceful political process.

The pro-separation Southern Transitional Council (STC) has been leading an armed rebellion in south Yemen since 10 August amid government security campaign aimed at ending the rebellion that receive support from the United Arab Emirates.

The SNA demanded the STC in a statement released today to work with other political forces to support security and stability in both south and north Yemen.

It indicated that the STC should contribute at strengthening the rule of law and the state offices towards demise of the Houthi rebellion in north Yemen.

It affirmed that violence renouncement is the key step towards implementation of the national dialogue conference document that provides a comprehensive solution to the southern issue.

It added that the use of violence to impose certain agendas, harms the southern cause for justice and rights empowerment.

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