Yemen condemns Emirati bombing against government forces

Yemen condemns Emirati bombing against government forces صورة إرشيفية

Alsahwa Net-Yemen government  condemned on Thursday Emirati airstrikes that targeted government forces in the same day in Aden and Abyan, south Yemen.

The Emirati attack resulted into death and injury among the government troops who were on a mission to end an armed rebellion by separation militants.

The Emirati airstrikes came in support for the separation Southern Transitional Council (STC) rebels who have been leading an armed rebellion in south Yemen since 10 August.

However, the Yemeni government began one week ago a massive security campaign to end the rebellion and demanded the Emirati side to stop its military and media support for the separatists.

The Yemeni demand was responded today with deadly attacks against its government soldiers in Aden and Abyan while on duty to restore security and public safety.

The Yemen foreign ministry held Abu Dhabi full accountability of this “illegal targeting” and vowed to take international actions at the UN and international avenues against the illegal Emirati acts in the south.

The Security Belt forces which part of the STC militants were established and funded by Abdu Dhabi in March 2016 to manage southern cities that include Aden, Abyan and Lahj after government forces by Emirati support drove the Houthi rebels out of the south. However, these militants do not recognize the government of Yemen and operate outside the Yemen defense ministry command, according to Yemen government officials.

The Yemen government whose majority of its members reside in Al-Riyad of Saudi Arabia demanded the Saudis to act to stop Emirati support for the separation rebels.

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