Yemen threatens to revoke permits of foreign television channels

Yemen threatens to revoke permits of foreign television channels

Alsahwa Net- Yemen threatened on Wednesday to revoke work permits of some foreign television channels correspondents in Yemen.

The decision is to be taken on the background of falsifying coverage on the fighting in south Yemen between the government forces and the pro-separation rebels.

Muammar Al-Eryani, Minister of Information tweeted on Wednesday that reporters of the Russian news satellite television RT Channel and the German DW have provided falsifying coverage on the recent clashes between the pro-separation Southern Transitional Council (STC) and the government forces.

The Aden-based RT reporter published a news story that gunmen of the STC were ambushed by Al-Qaeda militants while en route to support their forces against the government in Shabwa. However, the Yemen National Army said that its forces ambushed a military reinforcement that the STC sent from Aden to Shabwa to fight against the government military units.

The German DW news channel built on the RT news story and did a debate talk on the relation between Al-Qaeda and the government of Yemen.

“The army is confronting Daesh [ISIS], Al-Qaeda and the Houthi militias,” said Al-Eryani.

He indicated that the two journalists of the RT and the DW provided a “falsifying narrative” on the fighting in Shabwa and lack professional and fundamental media ethics.

He threatened to revoke permit work of the RT reporter unless he provides neutral and credible media coverage on Yemen’s developments.

He cautioned that the government will take legal action against any media outlet that does not abide by professional and credible reporting.

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