Chief of Islah party meets US diplomat

Chief of Islah party meets US diplomat

Alsahwa Net- Chief of  the Islah Party, Mohammed Al-Yadumi, met on Tuesday deputy chief of the United States diplomatic mission to Yemen, Junaid Jay Munir.

The Islah party is a member of the internationally recognized government. And the meeting coincides with continued fighting between the government forces and the pro-separation Southern Transitional Council (STC) that receive direct support from the United Arab Emirates.

During his talk with Munir, Al-Yadumi affirmed that the Islah party supports a political solution to be based on the GCC power transfer plan, outcomes of the national dialogue conference and the UN Security Council Resolution No. 2216 on Yemen.

He indicated that any proposal that is not based on those three references will not make a sustainable peace in Yemen.

He thanked the USA efforts towards supporting Yemen’s legitimate government and the country’s unity and stability.

For his part, Munir commended the Islah towards supporting a political solution and affirmed his country’s support to Yemen’s stability and unity.

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