Houthis fail to launch ballistic missile

Houthis fail to launch ballistic missile

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis failed on Tuesday to fire a ballistic missile that they launched from Amran, 50 Kilomters, north Sana’a, Turki Al-Maleki, Spokesman of the Saudi-led coalition said.

The missile, which was intended to target an unknown site in Saudi Arabia, fell shortly in Sa’ada within Yemen’s territory, according to Al-Maleki.

This is not the first failed launch of a ballistic missile by the Houthis. The rebels who took control of Yemen’s army stockpile in late 2014 have made several failed launches.

However, the group was able to carry out successful launch of ballistic missiles against targets within Yemen or deeply in the Saudi territory, according to the UN security Council report released in February this year.  

Al-Maleki said that launching of ballistic missiles demonstrate continuous breaching to the international humanitarian law as such advanced weapons fall randomly on residential areas and threaten lives of civilians.

He affirmed that command of the Saudi-led coalition’s joint forces continues operations aimed at destruction of ballistic missiles in Yemen to protect civilians in Yemen and ensure regional and international security. 

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