Wadi Hadhramaut Tribes supports Hadi against separatists

Wadi Hadhramaut Tribes supports Hadi against separatists

Alsahwa Net- The Tribal Alliance of Wadi Hadhramaut Tribes renewed on Sunday its support for President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi as the elected legitimate head of the country.

The alliance called on all tribes of Wadi Hadhramaut to thwart separatists who seek to expand their armed rebellion in Aden and Abyan to the Wadi Hadhramaut.

The pro-separation Southern Transitional Council (STC) militants who seized Aden city on 10 August have threatened to attack Wadi Hadhramaut. They already attempted in the last weekend to capture capital city of the neighboring Shabwa governorate. However, the government forces managed to foil the attack and took control of the STC military bases in Shabwa.

The Alliance of Wadi Hadhramaut Tribes cautioned against implications of the STC armed separation acts on Yemen’s and Saudi national security.

It demanded Saudi Arabia to support security in all government-held liberated areas particularly Hadhramaut to achieve the declared goals of the Saudi-led coalition.

It affirmed that the Wadi Hadhramaut Alliance works according to the principle of mutual partnership with all Hadhrami tribes. It also demanded that tribes of the Wadi Hadhramaut be engaged in any upcoming local, regional or international talks on Yemen.

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