Defense Ministry: UAE supports separation rebels

Defense Ministry: UAE supports separation rebels


The Yemen Defense Ministry said on Sunday that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues its support to the pro-separation Southern Transitional Council (STC) rebels in south Yemen.

The ministry indicated that its services reported mobilization with heavy and medium weapons that were provided by the UAE to the STC militants despite government calls for suspension of support to the rebels.

“The STC militants continue receiving military and financial support from the UAE despite the government’s demands to cease this support as it threatens Yemen’s security and unity,” a statement by the ministry reads.

It says that it will firmly confront the rebellion that threatens Yemen’s stability and declared goals of that the Saudi-led military campaign that started in 2015 to reinstate the government and preserve the country’s unity.

The ministry renewed allegiance to President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi and his national federal plan that proposes Yemen continues united under federal system. 

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