Fighting continue around capital city of Shabwah

Fighting continue around capital city of Shabwah

Alsahwa Net- Fierce confrontations continue since Thursday around Ataq, capital city of Shabwa, east Yemen between the government forces and the pro-separation Southern Transitional Council (STC) militants, a military source said.

Violent fighting was taking place on Saturday on the road that links Shabwa to Hadramout, east Ataq, according to the military source.

The government forces have already captured on Saturday early morning military sites of the STC’s militants in Ataq that used to be under the Shabwani Elite Forces, an offshoot of the STC forces that were established and trained by the United Arab Emirates.

The government forces have also took control of other military positions around Ataq including Al-Karibya, Al-Jashm and Al-Jabya Road Intersection.

Following seizure of the separatists’ positions in the city, the governor of Shabwa, Mohammed Saleh Bin Adiw, instructed the army units to protect public and private properties.

Bin Adiw has also directed the army to promote tolerance and provide protection to leaders of the STC in Ataq as well as releasing all their prisoners who were captured on Friday and early Saturday morning’s fighting. 

The STC rebels attempted to storm the city on Friday, but the government forces managed to foil the attempt and seize their military bases in the city.

A government official held on Thursday the UAE forces stationed in Belhaf of Shabwa accountable for the ongoing fighting in Shabwa.

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