Saudis attempt to ease tension in Shabwa

Saudis attempt to ease tension in Shabwa


Alsahwa Net- A Saudi committee arrived Thursday Shabwa, east Yemen in an attempt to end growing tension between the pro-government forces and pro-separation forces, local sources said.

The Emirati-backed separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC) militants have been leading an armed rebellion against government forces in Aden, Abyan and started to expand to Shabwa.

Local sources said that the Saudi-committee arrived Ataq, capital of Shabwa, coming from base of the Saudi-led coalition in Mareb.

The committee has so far met leaders of the STC in Shabwa who provided that the 21 Mechanized Brigade and the Special Security Forces depart Shabwa and only the Police forces and the Shabwani Elite Forces to remain in the governorate. The Shabwani Elite Forces are part of the STC forces that were created and trained by the UAE.

However, the committee has not held any meeting yet with the governor of Shabwa.

The sources said that the governor of Shabwa formed a liaison committee to communicate with the STC to avoid any fighting in Shabwa.

Two months ago, the STC forces attempted to capture capital city of Shabwa, but a tribal mediation then suspended fighting with the government forces in the city.

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