Former governor warns against “planned chaos” in Taiz

Former governor warns against “planned chaos” in Taiz

Alsahwa Net- The former governor of Taiz, Ali Al-Ma’mari, warned on Wednesday against a scheme that has been planned to create mutiny in the governorate of Taiz.

Al-Ma’mari wrote on his Facebook page that some entities have a plan of mutiny to ignite internal fighting within local forces that jointly resisted the Houthis’ control of the city.

He did not blame any party for this scheme, but he indicated that entities that attempt to spark internal fighting in Taiz are affiliated to the Houthis and plan to demolish remains of the state institutions.

He called on the local authority to do its part towards ending any planned sedition and resolve any disputes through political instruments.

“They want Taiz to slide in state of chaos and bloody fighting to weaken all entities of Taiz,” said Al-Ma’mari.


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