Houthis arrest businessmen in Al-Dhal’a

Houthis arrest businessmen in Al-Dhal’a

Alsahwa Net-  The Houthi-militants carried out on Wednesday morning arbitrary arrests against large number of businessmen and shop owners in Al-Fakher area, west of Qa’taba, north Al-Dhala’a governorate.

Al-Dhala’a news website quoted local sources that Houthis-affiliated gunmen fired live ammunition in Souq Al-Fakher at commercial shops and arrested several businessmen.

The arrests of businessmen are intended to force them to pay money for supporting Houthis’ warfronts, the sources said.

Businessmen and traders in Houthis-held areas are vulnerable to arbitrary arrests to pay money for the Houthis officials to finance their military operations against the government forces.

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