Civilians kidnaped for family links to murder suspect

Civilians kidnaped for family links to murder suspect

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis militants waged massive kidnappings of civilians with family links to murder suspect accused of taking part in the death of their leader’s little brother, Ibrahim Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, local sources said.

The Houthis suspected Ezzat Abdulhadi Noman of participation in the murder of Al-Houthi who was pronounced murdered two weeks ago.

The Houthis-affiliated gunmen stormed on Saturday 10 August Okaba village in Taiz and abducted a number of the suspect’s relatives. The suspect’s wife, his father, his brothers and his stepbrother are among the captives taken by the Houthis, local sources confirmed.

Other men from the same village with family links to the suspect were also abducted from their homes in Sana’a.

The Houthis abducted the suspect’s relatives to obtain information of his location.

These chains of abductions in Taiz and Sana’a, followed Houthis’ declaration of arresting all suspects involved in the Al-Houthi’s death

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