Increasing abuses against reporters in Aden

Increasing abuses against reporters in Aden

Alsahwa Net- The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) expressed on Monday its concern over safety of reporters and press freedom in Aden following reports of abuses against media professionals.

Reporters in Aden have been vulnerable to different forms of abuses and violations since the pro-separation forces took control of the city on 10 August.

The YJS said in a statement that it received a report of an abuse and intimation against Ali Saleh Al-Esi, a journalist who works for the Aden-based government-run 14 October Newspaper.

Al-Esi was lucky that he was not at home when gunmen stormed into his house looking for him, according to the YJS statement.

It indicated that the gunmen damaged furniture in the journalist’s house and stole some of his documents. 

It reported another abuse that was taken by the pro-separation gunmen against Ahmed Maher, a freelance reporter in Aden. The gunmen pursued him for arrest on the ground of his criticism writings against the separatists who overthrew the government and drove pro-government forces out their military camps.

The editorial staff and media workers of all government-run media establishments were banned from work including the 14 October Newspaper, Aden Radio and Television, according to the YJS.

The bureau of the state-run Saba News Agency remains closed since 3 July when pro-separation gunmen stormed in the building and shut down the facility.

The YJS criticized violations against the press freedom and demanded the authority in Aden to stop such acts and to neutralize the press and reporters from the conflict.

The pro-separation forces occupied all state offices in Aden on 10 August including government-run newspapers and the state-run radio and television.

The Saudi-led coalition that started a military campaign in 2015 to restore the government, has called separatists and the government for a dialogue meeting in Al-Riyadh to resolve the rebellion in Aden.

However, the meeting has not been held yet and the pro-separation forces continue their military expansion out Aden.

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