Hadi: Aden rebellion threatens Yemen’s unity

Hadi: Aden rebellion threatens Yemen’s unity

Alsahwa Net- The President of Yemen, Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi said on Monday that the rebellion in Aden threatens Yemen’s unity and security.

This is the first statement came from Hadi since seizure of the southern city by pro-separation forces that receive direct support from the United Arab Emirates, which is key member of the Saudi-led coalition.

The coalition started a large-scale military campaign in 2015 to topple Iran-backed Houthis rebels in Sana’a and restore Hadi to the office. However, none of these declared goals have been metalized yet.

Hadi said his remarks during a meeting with top officials of his government in Al-Riyadh of Saudi Arabia. The meeting was attended by Hadi’s deputy, Ali Mohsen, Speaker of the Parliament, Sultan Al-Barakani, Yemen’s Prime Minister, Maeen Abdulmalik, Minister of Interior, Ahmad Al-Maisary and Minister of Defense, General Mohammed Al-Magdashi.

The state-run Saba News Agency reported that Hadi said that “armed rebellion in Aden threatens Yemen’s unity and security and disagrees with goals of the Saudi-led coalition.”

However, Hadi appreciated the Saudi stance towards developments in Aden. Saudi Arabia demanded withdrawal of the pro-separation forces military camps and state offices they occupied on 10 August.

He also valued the Saudi-led efforts to end the separatists’ rebellion in Aden. Following seizure of the city by the separatists, Saudi Arabia called leaders of the pro-separation forces and the government for a meeting in Al-Riyadh to discuss the situation.

However, the meeting has not been held yet as the separatists declined withdrawal from positions that they captured from the government forces, according local news reports.

Hadi formed a crisis group to follow up the situation in Aden and asked the government to continue its meeting until the rebellion is resolved in Aden.

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