Interior ministry suspends work in Aden

Interior ministry  suspends work in Aden

Alsahwa Net-The Ministry of Interior said on Saturday that it suspended work of its headquarters and passport and immigration authority in Aden.

The ministry explained that suspension of work in Aden will remain effective from 17 August 2019 until further notice.

The state-run Saba News Agency quoted a statement by the ministry that suspension is taken on the background of armed rebellion led by the separation forces which is managed by the Southern Transitional Council (STC).

The ministry said that it regrets consequences of the decision, but it was forced to take such step citing legal reasons.

It indicated that all measures taken following declaration of work suspension is illegal, invalid and workers who disrespect this suspension will be accountable.

It called on all its personnel in Aden to stand united against the armed rebellion in Aden to maintain the legitimate government and its legal institutions.

It added that its work will resume in Aden once state offices and military camps have been retaken from the rebels.

The Emirati-backed STC forces led a military coup in Aden on 10 August against the government forces and captured all military camps and
state offices

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