Government appreciates American stance on Yemen’s unity

Government appreciates American stance on Yemen’s unity

Alsahwa Net-The government of Yemen valued on Saturday the position of the United States of America towards Yemen’s unity, security and stability.

“I highly appreciate the US stance that supports Yemen’s unity, security, stability and territorial integrity,” Muammar Al-Eryani, Minister of Information tweeted on Saturday.

This statement followed Emirati-backed separatists’ control of Aden on 10 August following short bloody clashes with the government forces.

Al-Eryani indicated that any attempts to divide Yemen will only widen conflict and create “a conducive environment for Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Houthis militia to thrive, which represents a clear threat to security, stability of the region and the International trade.”

 “We affirm the deep historical relations between Yemen and the United States which are based on cooperation, coordination in combating terrorism and in various fields,” Al-Eryani concludes.

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