Saudi oil production continues following attack on major oil field

Saudi oil production continues following attack on major oil field

Alsahwa Net- The Saudi Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, Khaled Al-Faleh said on Saturday that his country’s oil production and exports operate normally following Houthi-drone attack on a major oil field on the same day.

The attack which took place resulted into no human loss, but it caused a minor fire at one of the liquid natural gas plants (LNG) in Al-Shaybah oil field, according to Al-Faleh.

The Al-Shaybah oil field is reported to be one of the major Saudi petroleum sites that produces nearly one million barrels a day.

The Saudi-state-run News Agency quoted Al-Faleh as saying that the Saudi oil production and exports were not affected by the attack.

The Saudi oil company which is known as Aramco said on a brief news release on its website that its fireteam “controlled a limited fire” on Saturday morning at an LNG facility in Al-Shaybah oil field.

“There were no injuries and interruptions to Saudi Aramco’s oil operations,” said Aramco.

Yet, the Saudi official condemned the attack and labeled it “an act of terror” that targets world energy supply. He added that the incident is part of several “chains of attacks that attempted recently to disturb world energy resources by targeting Saudi oil pipelines and oil tankers in the Arabian Gulf.

 “The attack demonstrates importance of collective action by the international community against all terror groups that carry out such sabotage acts including the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen,” he said.

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