Ministry of Interior: Houthis planted one million landmines

Ministry of Interior: Houthis planted one million landmines

Alsahwa Net- Ahmad Al-Mosaay, Deputy Minister of Interior for the Police and Security Sector said on Thursday that the Houthis militants planted over one million landmines throughout Yemen.

Civilians are always the first victims of antipersonnel landmines that they contact in roads, in farms and even in homes, according to Al-Mosaay.

He added the Houthis militants planted randomly huge number of antipersonnel landmines and camouflaged them which makes it hard for civilians to identify them before explosion.

“It is not safe anymore in Yemen due to the existence of explosive devices in land and in sea,” said Al-Mosaay.

He explained that the Houthis manufactured these explosive devices locally with help from Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah experts.

Larger number of antipersonnel landmines were laid down in Hodeida, Al-Jawf, Al-Baida and parts of Sa’ada, according to Al-Mosaay.

He said that the Houthis are legally accountable for planting antipersonnel landmines in Yemen that reached so far over than one million landmines.

“Yemen which was well-known formerly for being a country of the coffee is now the most mine-populated country in the world,” said Al-Mosaay.

Saudi Arabia started a mine clearance Masam project that aims to demine roads and residential areas to minimize casualty among citizens.

So far, the project cleared around 81,000 landmines and explosive remnants, according to the director of Masam project, Osama Al-Qasibi.

Over 2,600 mines and explosive devices were cleared in the past two weeks.

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