Eid smells only powder for child soldiers

Eid smells only powder for child soldiers

Alsahwa Net- While children normally are the first to celebrate and enjoy the Muslim Eid Al-Adha, this time, the conflict in Yemen made thousands of children unable to feel joy of such occasion particularly child soldiers.

Instead of dressing new suit and going out for games, they spend Eid barricading themselves in different military positions of the Houthi-rebels affiliated forces.

They carry guns and ammunitions instead of Eid sweets and they tend now to only kill or be killed instead of dreaming Eid fun.

The Houthis recruit thousands of children soldiers through summer school activities where children are exposed to brainwash by Houthi-Shiite dogmatists that their fighters go heaven when they are killed fighting the government forces.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) says that nearly 20,000 children of under 12-year old have been recruited by the Houthis to fight for their side.

“Thousands of children are deprived from joy of the Eid and their innocent has been stolen as they spend Eid fighting instead of being with their parents for Eid celebration,” said Jubran, a human rights activist said.

International organizations tend to only focus on Yemen’s humanitarian crisis and avoid talking about children military recruitment by the Houthis, according to Jubran.

Murad, 13 years old, a child soldier spoke to us about his story. He confirmed that he spent last Eid at Al-Jawf fighting front.

“I missed my home when I woke up on the Eid’s morning, but I choose to remain in the barricade for the sake of Jihad,” said Murad.

When asked, what they gave you during the Eid, he replied: Zawamel, a Houthi tribal song that incites for fighting against the government forces and the Saudi-led coalition.

Around 40 percent of child soldiers do not know that they are being taken to warfronts when the Houthis pull them out of schools or their homes, according to Abdulsalam, a human rights activist.

“Children will reject going to warfronts If they know that they will be take to fighting, but the Houthis deceive them that they are going only for shorts cultural courses,” said Abdulsalam.

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