UN: Violence against Yemeni civilians is staggering

UN: Violence against Yemeni civilians is staggering

Alsahwa Net- The United Nations Humanitarian coordinator to Yemen, Lise Grande condemned on Monday growing violence committed against civilians in Yemen.

“The violence against civilians generated by this conflict is staggering, and completely unacceptable,” said Grande in a quote published by the UN relief news website.

The condemnation followed a deadly attack took place on Sunday 11 August in Mustaba district of Hajja, north Yemen.

The UN said that an airstrike in Hajja, led to the death of 12 civilians among them six children and wounded 16 people.

The Saudi-led coalition said on Monday that it will investigate the attack as it might targeted the wrong place and caused an accident.

The UN estimates that around 230,000 people including women and children have died as a result of the conflict from either direct or indirect causes including lack of food and medical services.

It indicated that 25,000 people have died in the last six months.

 “The question every humanitarian asks is what will it take for the parties to the conflict to stop this tragedy. There is no justification for the continued suffering of the Yemeni people,” said Grande.

She added that it is extremely saddening to see families mourn their loved ones instead of celebrating together the Muslim Eid.

Grande condemned earlier death of 40 civilians and injury of 260 others in Aden, south Yemen during armed clashes between the Emirati-backed separation forces known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and the government forces that led to seizure of city by the separatists on Saturday 10 August.

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