Yemeni official: Aden attacks confirm correlation among terror groups

Yemeni official: Aden attacks confirm correlation among terror groups

Alsahwa Net-The governor of Marib, Sultan Al-Arada, condemned on Monday Aden terror attacks that led to death of dozens of soldiers and policemen last Thursday.

“These attacks demonstrate close correlation and coordination between the Houthi militants, Daesh and Al-Qaeda,” said Al-Arada.

He called on the regional and international community to denounce such acts and support Yemen to overcome challenges that threaten its security and stability.

He indicated that Aden which is the temporary capital of the government will resist consequences and go strong against all challenges.

Daesh declared responsibility of the suicide-bomb car attack against Police Station in Sheikh Othman district of Aden. The suicide attack claimed lives of 15 policemen and injured dozens of others. The   Houthis-affiliated forces carried out a missile and drone attacks targeted a military camp in the same day and city killing dozens of troops who were on a military parade for graduation ceremony.

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