Activists protest international silence towards Houthis’ crimes

Activists protest international silence towards Houthis’ crimes


Alsahwa Net- Yemeni social media activists and civil society organizations began on Friday 2 August a protest campaign on social media sites against international silence towards crimes carried out by the Houthis militants against civilians.

The campaign which is named “week of silence” is intended to expose indifference and silence by international powers and organizations towards atrocious crimes carried out by the Houthis-affiliated militants.  

A statement by leaders of the social media campaign said that crimes carried out by the Houthis show systematic and deliberate use of violence and murder against civilians particularly women and children.

It highlighted recent attacks that were carried out by the Houthis throughout the country that resulted into death of scores of civilians including children in Taiz and Sa’ada.

The government of Yemen blamed the Houthis for the 29 July missile attack in a Yemeni border Aal Thabet Souq that claimed lives of 14 civilians among them children.

The Houthis militants were also responsible of two separated attacks took place last week using mortar and tank shells against densely populated areas of Taiz that killed seven children and one civilian. 

“The UN and its envoy’s silence towards these crimes is a permission for the Houthi militia to continue their crimes against the Yemeni people,” the statement read.

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