Government vows to end of Houthis’ coup following Aden twin attacks

Government vows to end of Houthis’ coup following Aden twin attacks

Alsahwa Net-The Prime Minister, Maeen Abdulmalik, vowed elimination of the Iran-backed Houthis coup following twin terror attacks on Thursday early morning targeted police and military headquarters in the Aden temporary capital.

He instructed local and security authority to be on high security alert until “elimination of the coup orchestrated by the Iran-backed Houthis militants.”

The first suicide car-attack targeted the Police Headquarters in Sheikh Othman district of Aden and killed ten policemen, injured 16 others and damaged the front of police building.

The other attack targeted a military drill in the same city, killed and injured a number of troops who were on training drills for a military parade.

Abdulmalik ordered medical treatment of the wounded policemen and soldiers and offered his condolence to families of the dead victims.

He added that the government will coordinate with the local authority to assess the damage caused by the two attacks for providing compensation to affected households.

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