Houthis send new reinforcement to Hodeida

Houthis send new reinforcement to Hodeida

Alsahwa Net- Houthi militants sent on Monday new fighters from Sana’a to Hodeida on the Red Sea despite an effective ceasefire that began last December in line to the Stockholm agreement, Yemeni military sources said.

The sources said that hundreds of newly trained Houthis militants arrived Hodeida on Monday coming from Sana’a. The new fighters received intensive training courses supervised by Ali Al-Kuhlani, a prominent Houthis-affiliated leader.

The Houthis have also brought new military equipment, weapons and explosive waterborne devices to different areas of Hodeida on plain trucks.

Wadah Al-Dabaish, military spokesman of the pro-government joint forces in Hodeida said in a statement published by the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat daily Newspaper that the Houthis still procrastinate implementation of the Stockholm agreement and refuse to abide by a ceasefire mechanism proposed during the last meeting between the UN Ceasefire Monitoring Mission and representatives of the government and the Houthis mid this month.

He added that the government representatives already submitted one week ago a list of 24 candidates to the UN Ceasefire Monitoring Mission to be the government field representatives to the liaison committee.

However, the Houthis have not named yet anyone to the liaison committee despite a letter sent one week ago by the UN Ceasefire Monitoring Mission urging prompt reply within 24 hours, according to Al-Dabaish. 

The liaison officers are supposed to be deployed to hot frontlines that see daily breaching to the truce. These hot sites include Hais, Al-Jablia, Al-Tahaita, Al-Duraihmi, Kilo 16, Al-Khamsin Road, 22nd May Hospital and kilo 8, said Al-Dabaish.

He added that the Houthis militants shelled location of the government liaison officers and that the UN ceasefire monitors have been unbale to even convince the Houthis to submit names of their liaison officers which eventually has foiled the ceasefire implementation.    

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