Spokesman denies Saudi involvement in new civilian deaths

Spokesman denies Saudi involvement in new civilian deaths

Alsahwa Net- Turki Al-Maliki, spokesman of the Saudi-led coalition dismissed on Tuesday his forces engagement in the Monday’s attack that resulted into high civilian casualties in a Yemeni border district.

The massacre that took place in Aal-Thabet Market of Qataber district in Sa’ada, claimed lives of 14 Yemeni civilians among them four children and injured 26 others, 14 of them are children, according to a Houthis health official quoted by the Houthis’ mouthpiece, Al-Masirah net.

The targeted area is within Houthis-held areas that sees daily combat between pro-government forces supported by the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthi-rebels affiliated forces.

Al-Maliki blamed the Houthis for the massacre and accused the Houthis of doing crimes against the civilians and crediting their acts to the coalition’s forces that support the legitimate government.

He added that the coalition’s forces coordinates with local tribal leaders to transfer wounded persons to the Saudi Jizan city for treatment.

While both sides exchanged accusation over responsibility to the civilians’ mass killing, it is unclear how the attack was carried out.

The Houthis accused the Saudis forces without saying whether it was a military airstrike or an artillery bombing from the Saudi side.

Similarly, Al-Maliki gave no details on how the attack was done when he blamed the Houthis for the incident.

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