Five people killed in Ibb

Five people killed in Ibb

Alsahwa Net- Five people among them two women were killed on in a village of Ibb governorate, in central Yemen, local sources said

The governorate of Ibb which is under the Houthis’ control has been experiencing a growing insecurity since two months ago due to inter-fighting among Houthis-affiliated leaders over management of the governorate.

Local sources said that a gunman in Al-Makhadir district of Ibb killed three men and two women and gave no details about reasons to the incident.

The two dead women are: Nujood Haryoon and Fathia Mohammed Qahtan Saleh. The dead men are: Hassan Ali mohammed Musleh, Yousuf Haryoon, and Aref Hassan Ali Musleh, local sources said.  

The death acts and other criminal acts have been on rise in Ibb amid gun spread and intertribal fighting and no security control to catch culprits.

This led to increasing rate of crimes against people’s lives and properties throughout districts of Ibb, local sources explained.

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