Three Islah members murdered in one week

Three Islah members murdered in one week

Alsahwa Net- Three members of the Islah Party were killed in one week across south Yemen.

In Sayoun city of Hadhramaut, east Yemen, unknown gunmen killed on Sunday, Jameel Muslim Ba Tayce, brother to Salah Ba Tayce, one of the Islah Party’s leaders in Hadhramaut.

Following murder of his brother, Ba Tayce said that the local authority, military and security forces in Hadhramaut are responsible to catch perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Surveillance camera in the street where the incident took place recorded the vehicle that used by the perpetrators, according to Ba Tayce.

He said that “Enemies of the country are responsible to murder of his brother and other murder crimes” committed throughout government-held areas.

He added that these assassinations aimed at distracting Yemenis from their efforts towards state retrieval from the rebels. 

The past seven days witnessed death of other two members of the Islah party in separated murder incidents in south Yemen carried out by unknown armed men.

 In Al-Dhala’a, south Yemen, unidentified militants on motorbikes shot Khaled Ghaiman, dead on Thursday 26 July 2019. Ghaiman was a leading member of the Islah party in his hometown and chairman of a local charitable organization.

And in the day before, anonymous armed men gunned down Mufeed Al-Wahishi in Aden while walking out of Muaad Bin Jabl Mosque in Sheikh Othman district of Aden.

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