Five female passengers arrested at Houthis-checkpoint

Five female passengers arrested at Houthis-checkpoint

Alsahwa Net- A Houthi-manned checkpoint arrested on Monday five travelling women while on board of bus in Rada’a Road of Al-Baida in central Yemen.

The road is a key route for passengers bounding for domestic or overseas trips.

However, the road is changed into an arrest sites by hundreds of Houthis rebels-run security checkpoints deployed intensively along the road.

About 30 individuals are being detained every day on the road and some passengers are being forced to return home and banned from crossing into the government-held areas, a report published last March by the local news website Al-Masdaronline said.

These security checkpoints were established following the Houthis’ takeover of the capital Sana’a in late September 2014. They stop and detain civilians on the road any time they suspect passengers of links to the legitimate government or suspicions of dissidence to their rule.

The latest incident is the detention of the five women who were stopped and detained while on travel.

Gunmen affiliated to the Houthis boarded the bus at a security checkpoint in Rada’a, got the women forcibly off the bus and ordered the bus to leave, the national military mouthpiece, 26 September net news website quoted eyewitnesses.

Following arrest of individuals on the road at any Houthis-checkpoint, victims are often vulnerable to long illegal detention, enforced disappearance and torture in detention.

Some victims are being detained to be swapped by Houthi fighters imprisoned by the government’s forces, according to a UN report released in February of this year.

The Houthis-militants arrest some civilian individuals on roads for even the purpose of making money from ransom paid by the victim’s family, according to human rights reports and government officials.

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