Taiz: Ignorance of child-killing kills faith in international journalism

Taiz: Ignorance of child-killing kills faith in international journalism

By Yaseen Khaled

In Taiz which has borne the brunt of the Yemeni years-long war, the failure to report Houthi routine murder of the city's children is killing the faith in international journalism.

The media, especially the western online news sources, do cover Yemen every day. But pick and choose as reflects the Houthi views!

All claims of civilian casualties from Arab air strikes mouthed by the Shia Islamic extremist organization echo in Reuters, the Guardian, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Independent, and others.

And no reports about Houthi crimes, happening indeed and being widely shared and published with evidence photos on local Yemeni media, will make it to these outlets no matter the number and type of casualties.

On Saturday the militant - besieging the city for nearly four years – fired as usual a rocket killing an 18-month-old boy Zakaria Khaled Hatem and his five year old sister Khulood. The rocket a third 10-year-old girl among adult civilians in a house in al-Humayra neighborhood east of the city. 

Many times the Houthis have buried whole families under the rubble of their homes in indiscriminate shelling, exercised as a collective punishment against the city for being pro-government and ideologically different. The despicable crimes resound in local newspapers and websites across the Arab region but, strangely enough, make it nowhere in media outside Yemen – especially the non-Arabic media. 

The constant media ignorance of the Houthi serial carnages that specifically kill and injure children is actually killing faith in the impartiality of international journalism.  

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