Drug business flourishes in Houthis-held areas

Drug business flourishes in Houthis-held areas

Alsahwa Net-The drugs addition among youth in the Houthis-held areas is on rise due to illegal thrive of the substance by Houthis-affiliated dealers, reports by the Ministry of Interior said.

Security checkpoints along Marib Road, east Yemen which is a key thoroughfare of goods supply into the Houthis-held territory have intercepted 1.5 tons of drugs while en route to the Houthis-held areas during the first six months of 2019, according to reports by the Police of Marib.

Around five tons of drugs and hashish were also seized in the previous year in roads of Marib and Al-Jawf while on commercial trucks that were driving to Houthis-held destinations, security reports from Marib and Al-Jawf confirmed. 

Intercepted loads were camouflaged on trucks carrying food stuff and vegetables or fuel products, police officials of Marib say.

Sources in Houthis-held areas said that drug addiction and business are being used by the Houthis to achieve two purposes. The first is to generate cash from the illegal business for influential Houthis officials who manage the illicit trade in coordination with drug dealers.

The second purpose is to promote drug addition among young men to thwart any potential rebellion against their rule, the sources noted.

“One of the Houthis dirty instruments they use to contain any likely uprising is the promotion of drugs,” said Abdulbasit Al-Shaja’, a local journalist.

“The hashish and drug business is now one of the main sources of income for their military operations,” added Al-Shaja’a.

A new report released this month by the Ministry of Interior website said that investigations with caught drug smugglers confirmed close relation between Houthis-affiliated militants involved in drugs smuggling and drug mafias affiliated to the Lebanese Hezbollah.

“The combating of drugs is one of the fronts that the legitimate government is taking against the Houthis militia who attempt to impose Iran-linked agendas by sending Yemeni children and men to death,” said General Sultan Al-Arada, governor of Marib in June of this year during a visit to the Drug Control Department of the Ministry of Interior.  

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