Local merchant abducted, tortured to death in Hodeida

Local merchant abducted, tortured to death in Hodeida

Alsahwa Net- A Houthi Mushref [supervisor of militants] abducted a local trader in Hodeida, tortured him to death and plundered his money and some of his assets, local sources said.

Fayz Ali Mohamed Al-Qitma known with his fake name Abu Jihad who works as supervisor of the Houthis in Hodeida was blamed for the incident.

Al-Qitma who fled to his hometown in Mahwit, has stolen two vehicles that belong to the murdered merchant.

Sources explained that the perpetrator did the act with his private driver, Mohammed Yahya Ali Ismail and his bodyguard, Ibrahim Yahya Ahmed Yahya Al-Qitma.

The three men transported the stolen money and the vehicles to their hometown in Mahwit. The driver of the master perpetrator was caught in Hodeida, but the other two men remain at large.

Sources explained that Al-Qitma was blamed for the incident because the victim’s brother who works also as Mushref [supervisor] for the Houthis in Hodeida, is following up the case himself and remarked sudden extreme wealth belongs to the suspect.

The suspect bought a luxurious Toyota- Land Cruiser Prado and another vehicle that he gave to one of his relatives. He also has great sums of cash deposited into account of one of his relatives.

Sources said that Al-Qitma has two brothers who also work as mushrefs in Hodeida and are renowned to abduction and plundering of local businessmen.

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