Outcry over Houthis’ mistreatment of murdered corpse

Outcry over Houthis’ mistreatment of murdered corpse

Alsahwa Net- Photos of ill-treatment by Houthis against murdered corpse provoked local and international outcry against crimes carried out by the Houthis militants in Yemen.

About 140 local and international human rights organizations released a joint statement on Friday 26 July 2019 condemning Houthis criminal acts against civilians following circulation of a short video showing Houthi-affiliated militants pulling dead body of a fellow tribal leader over roads of Amran, in north Yemen. The victim was killed by the Houthis militants on Saturday 20 July 2019 “on disloyalty charge that was covered up by banditry crime”.

Human rights defending organizations that signed the joint statement, condemned crimes committed by the Houthis including the most atrocious incident of mistreatment of the murdered body.

The Houthis-run Ministry of Interior confirmed the murder incident of the tribal leader, Mujaqhed Qashira in a statement released on its website on Monday 22 July 2019. The statement commended the security men for the murder but blamed local citizens for the mistreatment conducted against the dead body.

Qahshira’s house was set on fire and some of his family members were killed along with him during the attack against his home in Raida district of Amran.

“The Qashira’s incident which was published by the militants in a video showing Houthis-gunmen chanting their slogan over the dead body was meant to intentionally display mistreatment inflicted on the victim’s dead body,” the joint statement read.

 It added that “Illegal treatment of the dead body that was shown in the video including pulling it over roads, kicking it and hitting it with gun butts is a brutal act that promotes terrorism and violence and disseminates fear among civilians in the Houthis-held areas.”

The statement labelled such acts as “crimes against humanity and war crimes that disagrees with all divine religions, local and international laws, human rights conventions and the Geneva Convention. 

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