Women demand to release fellow political detainees held in Aden

Women demand to release fellow political detainees held in Aden

Alsahwa Net- Female relatives of political detainees in Aden continue protesting against detention of their family members with no prosecution for illegal -period confinement. Some of the detainees are banned from visitation and being held in secret detention centers that are run by local military and security units away from the government’s control.

Relatives of the illegal detainees particularly women that includes mothers and wives of the confined victims have staged scores of sit-ins in front of state offices, government officials including the Attorney General’s Office and the Interior Minister’s Residence in Aden seeking release of their detained family members.

They gathered again on Wednesday 24 July 2019 in front of the Interior Minister’s Residence in Aden and demanded that fate of their enforced disappeared family members must be disclosed according to the law. This time, they said that they hope their demands will be met as the Muslims’ Eid is approaching in days.

Female protesters have raised placards with photos of their sons or husbands that have been in private detention for over three years.

They urged President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi, the Interior Minister and the Saudi-led Coalition to disclose fate of their family members.

“We are women, we are powerless, we have been suffering for three years and until now no one responds to us to free our family members from illegal detention,” said one of the female protesters.

“I want to see my dad and my uncles. I want to see them during the Eid. I already spend eight Eids without seeing them,” said a child whose father and uncles have been in detention for four years.

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