Yemeni Teachers Union: UNICEF funds promotion of hatred and violence activities

Yemeni Teachers Union: UNICEF funds promotion of hatred and violence activities

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An official of the Yemeni Teachers Union (YTU) accused on the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) of financing Houthi-organized school covered-up activities that promote hatred, violence and ethnical segregation.

Yahya Al-Yanaee, communication officer of the YTU said in a statement to the Al-Sahwa net that the UNICEF in Yemen is involved in funding Houthis-run activities that raise hatred and violent among school children in Houthis-held areas.

He explained that the UNICEF financed this year summer-school camps that are organized by the Houthis in their held areas where they promote extreme Shiite sectarian ideologies among school children and spread incitement in an attempt to reinforce their fighting against the legitimate government.

Two years ago, the same UN agency financed printing of new children school-textbooks in Sana’a that were changed by Houthi ideologists and contained sectarian and segregation thoughts, according to Al-Yanaee.

He added that the UNICEF apologized later for printing amended children school textbooks, but it did not retain to the UN ethics and integrity.

“The UNICEF’s work in Yemen has just strengthened the Houthi’s rule instead of supporting public teachers who suffer starvation because of unpaid wages,” said Al-Yanaee.

The UNICEF representation to Yemen, manages its operations in the country from Sana’a, a city that has been under the Houthi-rebels’ control since late September 2014. This has negatively influenced the UNICEF’s work and its programs for children’s education in Yemen, Al-Yanaee noted.

He called on the government to urgently review the UNICEF’s work in Yemen and that the agency’s intervention should be approved and monitored by the legitimate government not the rebels in Sana’a.

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