Chief of Islah Party calls for liberating all Yemeni areas from Houthi rebels

Chief of Islah Party calls for liberating all Yemeni areas from Houthi rebels

Alsahwa Net- Chairman of the Islah Party Mohammed Al-Yadoumi called on Monday  the National Alliance of Yemeni Political Forces (NAYPF) to start implementation of its proposal that aims at legitimate government reinstatement and liberating remaining parts of the country from the Houthis rebels.

He also said that members of parties involved in the alliance have a responsibility to push leaders of their parties to move forward materializing the proposed program into action. 

The alliance that includes over 16 political parties and organizations was established last mid-April during the Parliament’s session in Sayoun of Hadrmaout, east Yemen.

The proposed program of the alliance seeks formation of small-size cabinet, legal examination of higher state job holders and reorganizing the army according to national loyalty.   

It also includes appraisal of military operations and Yemen state relationship with the Saudi-Led Coalition to strategize mutual partnership for state retrieval.

Al-Yadoumi said this in a post he wrote on Monday on his Facebook page. He added that his earlier publishing of the proposed program of the alliance is intended to inform the people about approaches of the political parties they adopted to exit from existing critical and exceptional conditions

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