Similar to Daesh, Houthis murder their comrades

Similar to Daesh, Houthis murder their comrades

Alsahwa Net- In parallel to gruesome acts by Daesh militants in Iraq and Syria, the Shiite-Houthi-militants executed on Monday 22 July 2019 one of their fellow commanders in Amran, 50 Km north the capital Sana’a.

Social media users circulated a video clip showing Houthi-affiliated gunmen pulling a dead body of their fellow tribal leader, Mujahed Qashira, after murder.  

The Houthis-run Ministry of  Interior website in Sana’a confirmed the incident in a statement published on Monday 22 July 2019 and accused Qashira of “leading a criminal banditry group in Amran.”

Qashira was one of the key tribal leaders who fought for the Houthis-affiliated militants and assisted their takeover of Amran in July 2014 and their sequent control of Sana’a in September of the same year.

The way of Qashira’s execution parallels Daesh militants’ atrocity who also renowned to killing large number of their fellow militants in Iraq and Syria on charges of disloyalty.  

Although the Houthis’ security statement on their horrific act in Amran mentioned no disloyalty against their dead comrade, they covered it up with “banditry crimes and looting of private vehicles.”

“One week ago, Qashira was a great Jihadist and a hero that was combating “America and Israel” according to the Houthi narrative.  But today, he is disloyal and has been killed in horrific way, and his body was pulled over roads of Amran,” said Journalist Hamdan Al-Ali on his Twitter account.

Yemeni activists expressed their shock towards the Houthis treatment against their fellow militants who fought together in several battles which indicates more grisly acts by the Houthis when they conduct arrest or death against their enemies.

“If this is what they do against their fellow militants, what is it like when they conduct it against their foes? Nabil Soubai, a Yemeni journalist wrote on his Facebook page.

“The Houthis killed yesterday in very gruesome way Qashira,” Said Soubai “ Qashira is a senior Houthi commander in Amran. He fought for the Houthis’ side prior their control of Amran. He was reportedly one of the leaders that assisted the Houthis’ takeover of Amran.”

“They killed him, pulled his body on roads and chanted their slogan [death to America and Death to Israel] on corpse of a man who used to chant the same motto when he was alive,” Soubai said. He gave details of the gruesome video he watched.

“They damaged his mouth, and his head and broke his rib. The video suggests that they even broke his hands and legs,” Soubai said.

For his part, Kamel Al-Khawthani, a journalist of the GPC-affiliated Al-Mithaq Newspaper, said that Qashira’s demise reveals the Daesh parallel acts by the Houthis militants against their fellow fighters.

Although the UN designated Daesh as terrorist group, it took no similar position against the Houthis militants in Yemen. The UN has been engaged in long-diplomatic efforts and several meetings with the Houthis’ leaders in an attempt to reach a political solution to end the five-year ongoing conflict.

However, Yemenis including those who fight for the Houthis’ militants, continue paying a heavy price for the indifferent positions of international organizations towards Daesh parallel acts carried out by the Houthis.

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