Government: Houthis send 200 child soldiers to Nehm front

Government: Houthis send 200 child soldiers to Nehm front

Alsahwa Net- The Yemen Minister of Information, Muammar Al-Eryani said on Sunday 21 July 2019 that the government has obtained credible reports that the Iran-backed Houthis rebels have sent 200 child soldiers to Nehm war front, 40 Km east the capital Sana’a.

Al-Eryani said that the Houthis officials recruited the 200 child soldiers during this year’s summer school camps in Al-Haima District, 60 Km west the capital Sana’a.

He explained that the transfer of the newly recruited child soldiers from the school camps in Al-Haima district to Al-Kharab and Daboa’a areas of Nehm front coincided with military escalation in the area during the past two days.

He indicated that his government has already cautioned about the use of summer school camps by the Houthis for child military recruitment.

“Indifference to the warns we raised earlier about the risks of these Centers [summer school camps], shown by the organizations concerned with child protection and prevention from exploitation in war which used as a coverup to children recruitment and murder, is unjustified,” Al-Eryani wrote on his Twitter account on Sunday 21 July 2019.

He called on the child protection organizations to act for halting children military recruitment by the Houthis militants because such action will have serious future risks on Yemen’s security. 

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