Houthi-family holds full dominance over Interior Ministry

Houthi-family holds full dominance over Interior Ministry

Alsahwa Net- Within his continuous efforts to hold full-family dominance of political, military and security power, the Houthis’ leader Abdulkarim Al-Houthi has controlled completely all key departments of the Ministry of Interior, sources in Sana’a confirmed.

Al-Houthi, the new Minister of Interior of the Houthis’ cabinet and the Houthis’ leader’s uncle has removed his deputy, Abdulhakim Al-Khiwani, excluded all his affiliated security men and replaced them with Houthi-family members or members of the family close relatives.

In short period of his recent designation on top of the ministry, Al-Houthi fully controlled all the ministry’s revenues that is estimated at YR200 billion (USD360 million) per year.

Al-Houthi closed the office of his deputy when the latter attempted to exercise the same full authority that he used to enjoy when then under management of the previous interior minister, Abdulhakim Al-Mawri.

Al-Khiwani was the then the real effective interior minister who used to hold all security tasks and revenues collection of the ministry under the rebels’ rule.

Sources said that the Al-Khiwani attempted to ease this full elimination by begging President of the Houthis’ Political Ruling Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat to intervene.

He reminded Al-Mashat of his outstanding service that he provided to the Houthis group including Houthinization of all security sectors and taking part in the murder of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, when attempted to break his alliance with the rebels in December 2017.

Al-Khiwani also reminded Al-Mashat of his purging of all Saleh-affiliated security officers from the security and police service. But, Al-Mashat informed him that he is unable to do anything and that such issue is resolved only by the Houthis’ leader, Abdulmalik Al-Houthi.

Workers of the Public Electricity Corporation in Sana’a leaked reports that Al-Khiwani collects about YR60 million (USD108,000) per month from private power sales that he runs using diesel electricity generators he looted from premises of foreign embassies and Saleh’s residences.

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