Following UN attempts to reinforce ceasefire, Houthis escalate again in Hodeida

Following UN attempts to reinforce ceasefire, Houthis escalate again in Hodeida

Alsahwa Net-The Houthis-affiliated militants have escalated their military action again in Hodeida against the pro-government forces and civilian areas under the government’s control.

This escalation disagrees with outcomes of the joint meeting held early last week by the UN Mission to Support the Hodeida Agreement (UNMHA) that monitors compliance to ceasefire by parties to the conflict.

The meeting was seen as a final UN attempt to salvage the Stockholm agreement in Hodeida that has never been implemented since representatives of the government and the Houthis rebels signed it in December 2018.

However, the Houthis militants carried out on Sunday 21 July 2019 an infiltration attempt inside Hodeida city in defiance to the agreed de-escalation mechanism by representatives of the government and their forces during the meeting with the UNMHA.

Dozens of the Houthis fighters attempted on Sunday to infiltrate into the liberated quarters of Hodeida city, northeast Hodeida Airport, according to the Military Media center of the Giant Forces, a branch of the pro-government joint forces in the western coast of Yemen, on the Red Sea.

Infiltrators were covered by one-hour intensive shooting at the government forces’ sites, but the attempt was foiled by the pro-government forces.

The military media center indicated that movements of the militants were under careful watching since arrival of their reinforcements and gunmen deployment inside residential buildings in brace to carry out the infiltration.

Most infiltrators were shot dead or injured, according to the military media center.

Civilian areas in Sana’a Street of Hodeida city came also under mortar shells during the foiled penetrative attempt. Citizens’ houses and properties sustained serious damage during Sunday’s shelling, according to the military media center.

In the same respect, other Houthis militants shelled indiscriminately on Sunday Al-Tuhaita city, capital of Al-Tuhaita District, south Hodeida, using artillery and short-range missiles.

They also reattacked military sites of the joint forces stationed in Al-Jablia area of Al-Tuhaita District and Hais District, south Hodeida, using mortar shells and heavy and medium machineguns.

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