Houthis turn historical fort in Mahwit into prison

Houthis turn historical fort in Mahwit into prison

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis-affiliated gunmen turned a historical fort in Mahwit governorate, northwest Yemen, into a prison of political opponents, local sources said.

The fort which is located in the center of the governorate is one of the historical landmarks of Mahwit.

Once a place for visitors to enjoy panorama of the Mahwit city, capital of the governorate, the Al-Masna’a Fort now is a private detention center where the Houthis exercise arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance and inhumane treatment against political opponents.

Sources in Mahwit have urged ministries of culture and human rights to salvage the historical landmark and act for release of detainees who are subject to various forms of torture.

The practice reminds Yemenis of the old Imamates’ rule who used the same place for imprisonment and execution of their dissidents between 1918 to 1962. Pro-republican military officers who led a coup against the Imamates monarchy in 1962, have set the place a tourist attraction.

Yet, the Houthis-affiliated officials in Mahwit finished renovation of the fort, but not for tourism purpose. They established it a new detention facility to renew the past’s record of their ancestors.

The militants have been changing historical buildings and public facilities into new confinement centers after police stations and security headquarters in their held areas went full of anti-Houthis activist.

Early this month, Houthis-affiliated security men have turned basement of Dhamar Public Hospital into a private detention center.

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