Saudi-led Coalition destroys air defense sites in Sana’a

Saudi-led Coalition destroys air defense sites in Sana’a

Alsahwa Net- New Saudi-led airstrikes destroyed on Saturday early morning 20 July 2019 five air defense sites and another site of ballistic missile stockpile in Sana’a governorate, Colonel Turki Al-Maliki, Spokesman of the Saudi-Led Coalition said.

He explained that the recent targeting of military sites comes within previous operations that is being carried out to destroy air defense capabilities of the Houthis militants.

He reiterated that the leadership of the coalition’s joint forces is devoted to prevent Houthis militants and other terror groups from access and use of such highly advanced weapons that directly threatens the UN aircrafts, air navigation and civilians’ lives.

Al-Maliki confirmed that targeting of the military sites conforms to the international humanitarian law and that joint forces always take preventive measures to protect civilians and save them from any potential damage.

Houthi militants have been constantly using ballistic missiles against military and civil targets in Saudi Arabia and within Yemen against government-held areas, according to a report which was released early this year by the United Nations Security Council Panel of experts on Yemen.

The report indicated that the Houthis continuously use anti-ship missiles and explosive waterborne devices for attacks against commercial vessels and oil tankers in the Red Sea.

 It suggested that such acts qualify the Houthis to be added to the UN-sanction list of individuals and entities that threaten peace, security and stability of Yemen.

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