EU criticizes Houthis’ death sentencing of 30 detainees

EU criticizes Houthis’ death sentencing of 30 detainees

Alsahwa Net- The European Union (EU) criticized on Thursday 18 July 2019 the death sentencing of 30 political detainees by a Houthis-run court in Sana’a.

All the detainees who were handed the illegal capital punishment last week are members of the Islah party and they were prosecuted because of their anti-Houthi political activism.

The EU condemnation of the death rule was confirmed by Fernando Gentilini, Managing Director for the Middle East and North Africa of the European External Action Service during a meeting with Mohamed Taha Mostafa, Yemen’s Ambassador to the EU, the state-run Saba News Agency reported.

The EU diplomat has affirmed the EU’s refusal of the death rule and the EU’s support to the UN Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths to achieve peace in Yemen and end suffering of the Yemeni people, according to Saba.

A Houthis-run court in Sana’a ruled on Tuesday 9 July 2019, 30 political detainees to death amidst increasing criticism by local and international human rights organizations as wells several governments around the world.

Yemen Gov’t , Houthis agreed on deployment of liaison officers in Hodeida

Alsahwa Net-The government of Yemen and the Houthis rebels have agreed on deployment of liaison officers in Hodeida to work beside the UN ceasefire observers to reinforce ceasefire agreement implementation, an anonymous UN official was quoted by the AFP early this week.


The UN official said that parties to the conflict have agreed to reinforce ceasefire mechanism through deployment of liaison officers of the UN Ceasefire Monitoring Mission to Hodeida.

The liaison officers will work closely with the UN Ceasefire Monotiling Mission in Hodeida to boost up trust and reduce tension, assist parties to bind to the truce and eventually save human lives, according to the UN official.

The agreement was reached during a meeting by the joint Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC) held between 14 to 15 July 2019 on board of a UN vessel off Hodeida city in the Red Sea.

The joint RCC said in a statement released on Monday evening 15 July 2019 that the committee has concluded two-day meeting which was the first face-to-face meeting between representatives of the government and the rebels since last February.

It added that representatives of the two parties sought to find ways of de-escalation after remarkable increase of ceasefire violations.

The RCC was established in line with the Stockholm agreement to support parties to the conflict to implement the accord they signed in December.  It includes representatives of UN, the government and the Houthis rebels.

The Stockholm agreement on Hodeida requires both warring sides to withdraw from Hodeida city and ports and hand over management of strategic governorate on the Red Sea to the 2014-regisrted security forces who used to run Hodeida prior the Houthis’ coup in late 2014. 

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