Islah party: Yemen-US counterterrorism cooperation should go through official institutions

Islah party: Yemen-US counterterrorism cooperation should go through official institutions

Alsahwa Net- Head of the Islah Parliamentary Block Abdulrazaq Al-Hajri,   met on Tuesday 16 July 2019 Junaid Jay Munir, Deputy Chief of the United States Mission to Yemen.

Al-Hajri commended the United States support to Yemen towards combating terrorism but affirmed that this cooperation must go through the state formal institutions.

Efforts for achieving peace in Yemen and challenges that hinder its materialization including the Houthis rebels’ procrastination to the Stockholm agreement implementation were discussed during the meeting.

Moreover, Al-Hajri who represents a major block of the Yemeni Parliament, has also discussed with the US diplomat the role of the parliament members to consolidate performance of the legitimate government.  

He highlighted the Houthis’ defiance to efforts of the international community. He explained that the Houthis continue abusive and illegal detention of thousands of Yemenis in private-confinement centers.

Al-Hajri told Munir that both male and female detainees in Houthis-run prisons are vulnerable to various forms of torture and abuses that disagree with the country’s norms and laws. He also brought the recent death illegal sentencing of 30 detained activists taken by the Houthis to the discussion. The death sentenced detainees were supposed to be released in line to the Stockholm agreement that stated commence of prisoners and detainees swapping between the rebels and the government, Al-Hajri noted. 

He explained to the US diplomat that the Houthis militia poses a critical threat to the regional and international security and peace by continuously targeting civilian sites in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Hajri reaffirmed that the Islah party is keen to reach a comprehensive peace in line to the three agreed references that ensure militants hand over weapons to the state.

He appreciated that US and the Arab-led coalition support for reinstating the legitimate government. 

For his part, the US diplomat emphasized his country’s support to the legitimate government of Yemen and its efforts towards restoring the state, ending the coup and implementing the international resolutions on Yemen particularly the UNSC Resolution No. 2216.

Munir renewed the US support for reaching a comprehensive solution to Yemen conflict that agrees with the peace references on Yemen. He also expressed his country’s denouncement to the death penalty issued by the Houthis against 30 Yemeni political activists who have been in illegal detention since 2016.   

He also appreciated the role of the Islah towards national reconciliation and its key liaison role towards setting up the recently formed pro-government political alliance. In April 2019, the Islah and other 17 political parties formed a pro-government alliance to support the government reinstatement. He also reaffirmed his country’s support for the Parliament of Yemen to hold its sessions to exercise its constitutional and legal tasks.

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