Houthis threaten to activate conscription law

Houthis threaten to activate conscription law

Alsahwa Net- Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, President of the Houthis Supreme Revolutionary Committee and member of the rebels’ political ruling body, indicated on Thursday 11 July 2019 that his group might activate Yemen’s conscription law.

The conscription reinstatement was suggested in a tweet by Al-Houthi on his Twitter account last Thursday where he published a link to text of the Yemeni Conscription Act.

The act allows the authority to force any 18-year male citizen to join the military service and male expats can pay tax if they are not willing to join the army, according to the conscription law. The law says also that male citizens of 30 years old and above are excluded from compulsory conscription.

Human rights activists say that the move if implemented will take secondary school children out of schools to fighting fronts.

The threatening of compulsory conscription by the Houthis was previously stated by their minister of youth and sport who called few months ago for shutdown of public schools in their held areas and force teachers and pupils to go fighting. 

The Yemen conscription law has been inactive for 17 years. Sources in Sana’a said that the leader of the Houthis group, Abdulmalik Al-Houthi requested his senior officials to speed up reactivation of the conscription act to reinforce his militants in different fighting fronts.

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