Chairwoman of Abductees’ Mothers Association highlights detainees’ misery in Houthis-run prisons

Chairwoman of Abductees’ Mothers Association highlights detainees’ misery in Houthis-run prisons

Alsahwa Net- Chairwomanof Abductees’ Mothers Association, Amat Al-Sallam Al-Haj has highlighted side of miserable conditions detainees in Houthis-run prisons are exposed to amidst death penalty have been handed to some of them.

The latest was the death punishment ruled by a Houthis-run court last Tuesday in Sanaa against 30 detainees who have been in confinement for over three years.

Al-Haj said in a press interview with Al-Sahwa net news website that the death sentencing against the 30 detainees is illegal because it came from a court that has no authority to rule against anyone. The detainees who were handed the death punishment are political activists, academic lecturers and students.

She highlighted that 132 civilian detainees were tortured to death in Houthis-run prisons since the Houthis took control of the capital Sana’a in September 2014.

She urged the international community and human rights groups to do their legal action towards releasing of detainees and bringing criminals involved in illegal detention and torture of civilian detainees to justice.

Al-Haj said that even the Specialized First Instance Criminal Court in Sana’a is not legal anymore to try people, her organization contacted several lawyers to defend detainees during illegal trails.

However, all lawyers that were contacted by the association apologized to defend in fear of the Houthis’ intimidation. Only few lawyers from the Human Rights and Freedom Center, headed by Abdulmajeed Sabra have responded to defend the case of the 30 detainees.

Detainees’ mothers and wives live also in another misery due to disappearance of their loved ones. “Yet, mothers and wives ululated upon hearing the death verdict because it proved that the Houthis disrespect the judicial system and lives of Yemeni citizens,” said Al-Haj.

She explained that those 30 detainees who were sentenced to death and others were on the detainee-list exchange between the government and the Houthis rebels. Her association sent a list of civilians who are in Houthis-detention centers, to the government representatives to the Stockholm talks in preparation to set them free.

However, the result of these previous talks on exchange of detainees was the death verdict issued on Tuesday 9 July 2019, according to Al-Haj.

She noted that the irony of this death sentence is that judge members and prosecution members who work for the Houthis-run court including the judge who read the capital verdict receive their monthly salaries from the legitimate government.

She called on the United Nations, the UN Secretary General Special Envoy to Yemen, the government of Yemen and all human rights organization to do their job towards release of detainees and to swiftly end suffering of the confined people and their relatives.

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