Women of Ibb stage a sit-in against Houthis death sentence

Women of Ibb stage a sit-in against Houthis death sentence

Alsahwa Net- A group of women in Ibb Governorate staged on Saturday 13 July 2019 a sit-in demanding release of their relatives being held in Houthis-run detention centers and protesting a death sentence ruled last week by a Houthis-affiliated court in Sana’a against 30 detainees.

The sit-in was organized by the Abductees’ Mothers Association, a nationwide non-government organization that voices oppression and torture exercised by the Houthis and other militias against civilian detainees across Yemen.

The organization’s office in Ibb has condemned the Houthis’ death rule against 30 detainees who are being held captives in Houthis-run prisons in Sana’a. The death rule was handed to 30 detainees who are academics and students.  The victims who were ruled to death were physically and psychologically tortured during three-year confinement.

The women who participated in the sit-in have urged the UN, the UNSC and human rights organizations to intervene hastily for halt of the death rule and release the detainees with no conditions. 

“The Houthis’ death sentencing of 30 detainees that is based on baseless charges is illegal. It destroys all efforts and calls to peace,” a statement by the association office in Ibb read. It added that “the Houthis armed group is liable for lives of detainees and enforced disappeared people.”




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