Yemen to US Congress: Act to stop Houthis’ human rights abuses

Yemen to US Congress: Act to stop Houthis’ human rights abuses

Alsahwa Net- The Yemen Ambassador to Washington, Ahmad Awad Bin Mubarak, called on Friday, the US Congress members to take a position against human rights violations that the Iran-backed Houthis commit against citizens of Yemen.

The latest abuse is the death penalty ruled by a Houthis-affiliated court in Sana’a against 30 political prisoners for fabricated charges based on the victims’ opposition political activities against the Houthis’ coup.

“This sentencing represents an immense violation of human rights,” a press release by the Yemen Embassy in Washington DC read.

It explained that the 30 prisoners who were handed down the death punishment are academics, politicians, students, and civilians.

“None of them have engaged in the conflict or fought against the Houthis,” said Bin Mubarak.

He added that “The Houthis have exhibited a blatant disrespect for the basic rule of law and international human rights. There are confirmed reports that the Houthis have tortured these innocent civilians.”

Bin Mubarak called on the US Congress to pass the two resolutions that were introduced in June in the US House of Representatives and the Senate on human rights abuses by the Houthis in Yemen.

The resolutions were proposed by representative, Will Hurd and Senator Tom Cotton and they condemn the Houthis for human rights violations.

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