Economic Committee blames Houthis for fuel shortage

Economic Committee blames Houthis for fuel shortage

Alsahwa Net- Gas stations in the Houthis-held areas have been closing doors for the second successive day as the Houthis officials claim that the legitimate government bans fuel imports into the rebel-held areas. Lines of vehicles at gas stations returned to streets of Sana’a and other Houthis-controlled cities.

However, the government-affiliated economic taskforce refuted such allegations. It says that Hodeida port which is run by the Houthis received nearly 70 percent of the total fuel imports that was licensed by the government to be shipped into Yemen during the past period.

It explained that the Houthis promote such news to create panic among citizens and to activate the black market where the Houthis-linked traders sell the fuel at 150 percent higher price.

It added that the government granted two days ago a license to an oil tanker that has 25,000 tons of gas on board, to enter Hodeida port. It indicated that the government grant licenses to any fuel shipment that complies to the rules and regulations.

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